image of an imac & iphone showing the responsive wordpress website of "westerntechnologylights.com", designed & created by Jonathan Guadamuz

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Visit Western Technology’s website still utilizing my layout, brand identity and the majority of the content by yours truly:

Web Design:


Description: As the in-house designer for Western Technology, one of the biggest accomplishments was building them their new website. I needed to build them a website that was more user friendly, easy to edit, and easier to maintain. I knew WordPress with its CMS system would do the job, as well as make it more mobile-friendly. From color scheme to layout, content creation to photos, images and videos, every page was laid out by myself. One of the most challenging pieces was to incorporate an “inquiry cart”. Basically a shopping cart that does not include any prices, but allowed the potential customer the ability to contact us and inquire about the prices of our products. It was important to incorporate organic SEO to rank higher in a very competitive and very niche market.

Skills: Web Design, WordPress, Html, CSS, Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustrator

Homepage Layout

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